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PRAHA 7 – Hotel accommodation at Rooseveltova hall of residence

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Roosevelt Hall of Residence is a seven-storey building built in 1940s, which was completely reconstructed in 2001; it has a barrier-free entrance and the capacity of 373 beds. There are 19 single rooms, 111 twin rooms and 44 three-bed rooms. One half of the rooms are arranged in units with own sanitary facility, and one half of them have a common sanitary facility on the floor. The structure of units is 1+2 (single room and twin room), 2+2 (two twin rooms), or 2+3 (twin room and three-bed room), i.e. one unit contains 3, 4 or 5 beds. Each unit is equipped with its own kitchen with a kitchen unit (kitchen utensils and dishes not included), electric cooker and refridgerator, as well as its own bathroom with a shower, toilet and washbasin. One unit for 5 persons of the 2+3 structure is barrier-free.

The hall of residence is located in the attractive location in Prague 7 Holešovice, near Výstaviště. There is a Výstaviště tram stop nearby. The Nádraží Holešovice metro station (red line C) and railway station Holešovice are one tram stop away from the Výstaviště stop.